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In which I Write about Writing

11 Oct 2010 / 8 Comments / in Happiness, Me, writing


I have a strange relationship with writing. I write (blog) for a living, and for a long time that meant I was no longer inspired to write creatively, for myself, after hours. That’s when photography became my preferred creative outlet.

But I am in many ways a writer, whether I am actively writing or not – I think as a writer, I come from a family of writers, I see the world in stories and I love nothing more than to eavesdrop and people watch and make up my own stories about what I see and hear.

Sometimes the urge to write comes out in poetry. (some of my poems and photos are here)I write poetry either when I am really miserable, or incredibly happy. In either of these emotional extremes anything and everything can inspire a poem.  Once, the site of a semidetached house led to me rushing into my office to throw the words and images my mind had conjured up on to the screen as quickly as possible before I forgot them.

This blog has been a great outlet for my personal writings over the past few months. I have once again found pleasure in figuring out my own stuff by journaling whatever is in my head on any given day.

But this weekend for the first time in a long time I actually sat down and wrote a story. In fact, I wrote it (or the first draft in any event) all on Sunday, in 3 bursts – mid morning, later afternoon, and just before bedtime.

When I sat down to start writing I had no idea at all about what or who I would be writing; all I had was the theme (it’s for this competition) and I simply sat down and started typing.

It is *always* a magical process for me, writing. When I look at what I have written – whether it’s a factual article, poem or story – I usually have no idea what happened between the first and last words. It’s as if I vanish and someone else takes over and writes the thing for me. It’s awesome!

Sometimes it can be a little disturbing too, like with this story. Themes of abuse and murder came out of nowhere (I’ve never been abused or murdered anyone! Or wished to!!) – sure I can see some of my own story in there with an aged parent losing his memory – but other than that, it’s pure fiction.

Now I get to the next stage, one I also love in a different way – cutting the thing up to make it flow, leaving out sections even if I love some of them, crafting the lump of words into a well-paced read.

The competition aspect is immaterial – apart from a dinky laptop I’m not too fussed about the prizes though being published as a winner would of course be great – but it’s given me a deadline (I adore deadlines for creative work) a theme and a word count.

And I’m loving the process!

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8 Responses to In which I Write about Writing

  1. karin says:

    cool, cant wait to read it.

  2. Bronwen says:

    At last – another creative soul like myself who’s process I can identify with! Awesome stuff – looking forward to reading it (whether you win or not!) Fingers and toes are crossed!

  3. kathalijne says:

    can’t wait to read it either! Glad to see this is posted in “Happiness”:-)
    And isn’t it an awesome feeling when you are so into something you forget the world around you? And the whole “kill your darlings” part is hard but stories do become stronger i think by what is not said…

    PS: You must totally watch Happiness if you haven’t seen it already… by Todd Solondz

  4. mysisterdalesgarden says:

    I’m always amazed that I start out reading an article and suddenly I have fast forwarded and find myself on someone’s blog. That is what happened here. Glad I found your writing. We have that in common plus photography. Please take a peek at my mitzvah.

    • GreenHairMermaid says:

      Lovely site – my mom is a breast cancer survivor (she was diagnosed in her 40s and is now in her 70s). You have some beautiful flower pics there and lots of visitors! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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