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Short excerpt from my Nano novel (It really is bad)

10 Nov 2010 / 7 Comments / in writing

I am ashamed to associate myself with the total chick lit crap I’m writing for Nanowrimo but I was persuaded to be brave by this woman who boldly posted her own Nano opening for all to see and kinda dared me to do the same.

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t read it myself.

But anyhow I keep telling myself it’s purely an exercise in getting words on a page. My short story I wrote for a competition recently is (IMO) of a much higher calibre but I can’t publish that anywhere until after the judging according to the rules so…

Here’s the start of Chapter 2

Greg should have known the blonde in the 4×4 couldn’t handle the thing properly –  even on an open road with signposts to her destination every frikken 5 metres before she got there he’d still nearly driven up her ass. The glimpse he’d gotten of her in her wing mirror as he’d approached her from behind gave him the fleeting impression of a petite chick with messy golden curls who looked like she would be better suited to a safer vehicle in a suburban town than bowling down Route 62 on a scorching summer day in a boxy Landrover. As he sped away from the scene of the almost-crash and flung her a rude sign to let her know what he thought about her driving skills he continued to watch in the review mirror and saw her clambering out of the car. Good heavens she was the size of a child. How could her legs ever reach the pedals? She was a total menace to other drivers. Especially ones who drove sleek machines of beauty like his own Maserati. He smiled and stroked the steering wheel, his mood lifting as he forgot about Blondie and the close call. He’d made good time from Hermanus and should be at his sister’s small holding within another 5 or 10 minutes. He groaned at the thought. Weddings were not really his thing. In his younger days he’d enjoyed making out with a bridesmaid or three at his friends’ weddings, but he was jaded now. At the ripe age of 35 he’d seen too many divorces coming out of those youngster’s weddings, his friends discussed daddy-weekends and griped about maintenance payments and the whole wedding thing seemed a bad joke played by cupid who blinded young fools to their lovers’ faults just long enough for them to get hitched and then whipped off the blindfold and flew away laughing.

But this was a family affair – his sister, his baby sister had, at 29, met a man she wanted to spend her life with and it fell to him to give her away. What with their dad having died last year from a heart attack. He couldn’t let Laurie down – or Mum for that matter. Although his colleagues and all but his closest friend Thabo found Greg to be abrupt to the point of rude, impatient and marked with a streak of chauvinism – not uncommon among South African men – when he was with his sister she brought out the usually hidden softer side. They were genuinely close and could laugh, talk, hell, he’d even cried on her shoulder more than once. He’d do pretty much anything for her.

For better or worse, he thought with a grim smile, he would go through with the ordeal and do it with good grace.

If it killed him.


PS I love the nifty Nano widget showing my word count that I added to this blog last night (see the RHS of this page). Cute innit?


7 Responses to Short excerpt from my Nano novel (It really is bad)

  1. Monique says:

    Reading this cheered me up like you would not believe! I guess I have a confession to make… I love chick lit! I’ve read almost every Marian Keyes book – huge fan!

    I can’t want for part two! Please, please post it.

    And now that you posted a link to my feeble start, I have to jump back in and catch up. Thanks, I think I needed a little push 🙂

    • GreenHairMermaid says:

      🙂 there is SOME chick lit i enjoy but I don’t think I’m funny enough to carry it off. Anyhow it’s the easiest style to write without having to stop and think too much and that’s all I can do for this exercise!

      yay that you’re going to keep it up! it does help to have other ‘writing buddies’! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. karin says:

    cool, cant wait for more

  3. Mrs Redzxber says:

    Will you be publishing the finished product somewhere? Would love to read it all!

    • GreenHairMermaid says:

      hahahah really chick it gets worse and worse. i keep forgetting important things like the fact the main girl had a boyfriend until recently – next thing she’s all sad about the many single years she’s just spent. and there’s Afrikaans people in it. I might consider posting short excerpts here tho 🙂

  4. Random quotes from my Nanowrimo novel. | the green hair mermaid blogs says:

    […] remember I said it was crappy. and that I haven’t edited it at all. Lovers of classic fiction, sci-fi, or intelligent […]


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