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things to which I am looking forward

So yes trying to live in the present and all that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look forward to stuff – esp at those times when the present is KAK right? 🙂

So here are some random things I am looking forward to:

Eat Pray Love premier tonight

Summer (beaching every morning. picnics, braais, swimming, hot nights, sweaty sex followed by a midnight swim,  summer dresses, bare feet, beer in the sun, sand in the car. summer concerts)

My sis being here for the whole of November 😀

Going away to Isimangaliso Wetlands Park with MrsR as soon as we can organise (she won us a weekend there, been wanting to go to KZN for ages!)

My niece’s wedding in the UK in May – and seeing family and friends (esp Ilx) & showing R London.

Photographing the wedding.

Did I mention summer??

EDIT EDIT EDIT! How could I have forgotten to add the Highlight of the Art Calendar to my list?

Also VERY much looking forward to SWIMMING UPSTREAM, the exhibition of the AWESOME (overused word but in this case totally justified) photographer Kathalijne van Zutphen – diarise 11 November 2010 for the opening night / launch – at the Uber Cool Grand Daddy Hotel, Long Street, Cape Town.

Follow @swimmingproject on twitter and check out the Swimming Upstream blog for news and updates…

2 Responses to things to which I am looking forward

  1. Mrs Redzxber says:

    Ooh…. and dont forget summer! And Summer Beers and summer concerts and summer beaches and summer braais…. you mention those? YAYAY so much to look forward to! 🙂

  2. Kathalijne says:

    yay yay yay, thanks for the mention! Am totally looking forward to it tooooo!
    Can’t wait for summer… beer, ocean, sun sun sun, friends in the sun, beer in the sun, swimming in the sun…. must must must make a plan so I can actually enjoy summer in SA and not be stuck in cold dark and miserable European winter… xx


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