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Wherein I rant a bit about goodbyes

23 Jul 2010 / 4 Comments / in beer, Friends, loss, Work

This Blog Post is dedicated to all the friends and family who have left – nay – ABANDONED me over the years. You suck.

(I’m mostly kidding…)

Goodbyes are crap. I don’t mind as much when I’m the one doing the leaving but when other people up and off for selfish reasons like new love (cough! Av.P cough!) or better job opps (my sisters) or just to chill and do nothing (yes, you, Mrs.redzxber) or to go back to their stupid homeland (as you soon will, KT) then it just blows. They leave you behind thinking – what again? Do I have B.O? Bad breath? An annoying habit of sniffing every few seconds?

Seriously when Av.P upped and offed with her new man, new baby etc to the other side of the planet, after two of my sisters had pulled similar maneuvers in recent years, I nearly gave up on making friends. Because in my experience friends pull you in, make you love them, laugh and cry with you and bitch and moan with you and fight and make up with you until they become an integral part of your daily life and then they take pieces of you and carry them in backpacks and suitcases to the four corners of the earth leaving you bereft. So I was determined to just be friendly, but not a friend. Not to anyone, no matter how nicely they asked me to play.

And then Mrs.redzxber (an old friend who had indeed left years before) and I started working together and little by little the cow won me over. Sucker that I am. She was all ‘let’s go for a walk’ and then walking became long gossips and then gossips became sharing deeper stuff and then that turned into #lunchbeer and laughs and before I knew it I’d gone and done it again. Made friends.

And today we had a goodbye lunch for her because she’s taken a well earned, long time coming break from work and from doing pretty much anything she doesn’t want to do, and yes, she hasn’t moved across the world (yet…) but work won’t be the same.

Things I will miss: (warning, this list may well mean little or nothing to most people)

  • #lunchbeer (of course, and yes I did have to mention it twice in this post)
  • laughing at words like ‘flapping’ ‘Doris’ ‘Let me tell You’ ‘hot to trot’
  • trips to the old vet shop for cat food
  • actual walks that involved going further than Deano’s (sometimes all the way to Barristers ;-))
  • you, being invisible at meetings
  • you, swearing at meetings (ok didn’t happen that often but when it did…legend!)
  • someone at work actually reading the travel blog
  • having you in my corner (you’re ace at having my back)
  • shared rides to work
  • lunchtime talks about our men and our lives and our dreams and frustrations and all that shit
  • Swimming at Newlands (we should have gone more often)
  • lunchtime trips to Cavendish
  • someone always having spare snacks
  • even 3 minute trips to Woolies won’t be the same

In fact, I’ll stop there because you know what, nothing will be the same – of course.

But seeing as I get to see you (and if you haven’t figured it out yet this is mostly dedicated to you, Mrs.redzxber) first thing tomorrow and again on Wednesday and hopefully many more times, and seeing as I do care about you and I think you’re going to have an AWESOME  sabbatical and wish you every good thing for the next many months of chilling and figuring stuff out, I will stop moping, get over it, and say it’s been great, and thanks for all the good, fun times, and for making me break my promise to not get close to another awesome chick – it’s been totally worth it!

PS if you leave Cape Town I will hunt you down and gut you with a blunt knife.

(I’m mostly kidding about that too)

4 Responses to Wherein I rant a bit about goodbyes

  1. Mrs Redzxber says:

    Thank you and I love you and I’m not going anywhere (else)… partly in fear of being gutted with a blunt knife but mostly because like you, I suddenly find myself with the most awesome friend and I ain’t letting that go…

    Anyways, the lady of leisure that I intend on becoming will most likely still need swims at Newlands and #lunchbeers… see you on Weds xx

  2. Avalon says:

    I have definitely taken a piece of you with me to the OPPOSITE end of the globe but I’ve left some of myself behind to…thats why I’m constantly longing for sunrise coffee on F.H. Beach and Sundowner Beers at the RedHerring and playing the “who would you “#$%” game with you and tea and milk tart with America’s Next Top Model and girly chats on your bed….all this calls me home. So happy Mrs R is stayin’ close by to ya!!


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