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Wherein Raph writes a Poem

07 Dec 2010 / 4 Comments / in anxiety, Family, Motherhood, writing


This weekend past my sis, my mom and R went to Citrusdal hot springs. On the Saturday night we decided to do some writing exercises from a book my mom has – we all enjoy creative writing in my family so this is the kind of thing we do for fun 🙂

R hadn’t joined in before so when the exercise started and we had to write 5 random lines his included the words ‘poephol’ and nosehead. He is, after all, 12.

So as we worked through the exercise (it took about an hour in total) his sentences didn’t get much deeper. Right at the end we had to choose ONE word from what we’d written and make it the title of a poem.

I was really unprepared when he started to read his poem. This is how it went:


IT is dreaded
IT is loathed
People now sleep fully clothed.
And when IT creeps up, at night,
You don’t have time
To feel the fright.
Some think it Dragon
Some call it Ape
Some think it Flagon
Others call it Fate.
You can’t run
You can’t hide
You feel it coming deep inside.
Everyone but no-one
In which to confide.
So where will you run,
Where will you go
To get away from this fearful foe?
Just don’t go towards the light or
Try to avoid its deathly bite.
Live your life
and live it

(Not sure about the word ‘flagon’ – must ask him if I read it right from his page)

He said he wasn’t sure himself what ‘IT’ is – possibly death. A little bleak but somehow, awesome.


4 Responses to Wherein Raph writes a Poem

  1. karin says:

    wow again.
    publish that if you can, its really good.
    well done raph, awesome work

    • GreenHairMermaid says:

      yeah thanks. he wrote another equally good one yesterday. when he was way little (pre-school) he wrote a few lovely poems too, and recently he also wrote a song on his guitar. #proudmama

  2. cassey says:

    It’s great 🙂

  3. Bronwen says:

    Amazing! What a special poem – for a boy his age to have that much insight?!! You have a truly special boy 🙂


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