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With Love from Dad

27 May 2010 / 8 Comments / in Motherhood

A while back, last year in fact, one of R’s teachers made a passing comment about his day-dreaminess (something he struggles with; we’ve been told it’s the inattentive rather than hyperactive form of ADD) which really upset R. It’s a sore point for him and he had been trying really hard that week and her comment hit a nerve.

I told G about it on the phone – he was off shore at the time – and he wrote R a letter back that was so beautiful it made me tear up (esp as they sometimes struggle to connect, being very different types of people…)

This is the last section of the (long) letter.

Mom told me that Mrs X made a comment in class that you’re often in ‘doo lally land’. This makes me so ANGRY, Your teacher can be a mean person and it also shows that she isnt much more than a child herself. Adults in the position that she is in should never even unintentionally do that to children – she wouldnt like it if I came into her classroom and did that to her, would she? So the golden rule applies here, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I know that you can be a bit loskop but its actually not a big problem at all – it is something that you have to work on but with all the other positive traits that you have this is just a small insy winsy thing. I know it can be frustrating but think about it, when you do something loskop is it ever a HUGE problem? Huh? No, its only little things that dont really matter at all. It CAN be frustrating but most of the things you can rectify in a second or two and nobody has gotten hurt, nothing has been broken and no explosions have gone off ; -)

Just remember that your other exceptional qualities, which there are lots and lots of completely outweigh this little loskopness so there is nothing to worry about. You are intelligent, hard working, creative, kind, honest, you have a strong moral character and like your dad you are handsome ; -)

I love you very much my boy and a little thing like a bit of loskopness is lost in all the brilliant parts of who you are. You’re R, you’re my Son and Im very proud of you.

With all my Love DAD.


8 Responses to With Love from Dad

  1. cathjenkin says:


    Thats love. Right there. love. X

  2. AB Me says:

    Brilliant. I was also accused of day-dreaming; so what? I think it’s a positive thing rather than negative. Bloody woman.

    G is right….. and (not that I’ve met him) am assuming he’s hard-as-nails in many places – only because of the work he does.

    This advice is more than gold, and R will remember this when he is 90. 🙂

  3. avalon says:

    Showeeeeee! That is so well said. I have a huge lump in my throat now. R is a lucky boy.

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