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Letting My Inner Control Freak Mom Side Show

19 Apr 2011 / 15 Comments / in Uncategorized

So who would have guessed I had such control issues? Ok apart from you. Oh, and you… Oh ok whatever.

Tomorrow is the first meeting of R’s new group that he’s starting at school (blogged about here) and he is understandably nervous. But probably not as nervous as I am.

Since he was told he can go ahead and start it this term I’ve been fighting (and losing) the urge to control the outcome/s. Because I am his mom and I would hate to see him get disappointed if it doesn’t work. Even though disappointment is part of life blah blah.

He’s just been so brave to even have the idea, what if it’s a flop?

Will he never try something new and different again?

So I’ve (stupidly) been coaching him in what to say about it at assembly last week (it didn’t work, he said something entirely different to what I suggested) and making suggestions about how to attract kids to come and how to remind them it’s happening on the day as they may have forgotten since assembly last week, and making recommendations as to what music to play, and labelling all his CDs for the CD library (to discover afterwards he’d already done that – on the inside cover).

And the whole time in my mind I’ve been picturing him sitting alone in the designated classroom with no one coming at all, because to me that would be the worst case scenario, if I were in his place.(No, I didn’t tell him that’s what I’ve been thinking. But I have been trying to surreptitiously get him prepared ‘in case’ ).

So this morning as we drove to school he said he’s starting to feel nervous about tomorrow (gee I wonder if I’ve contributed to that with all my flapping?) and I asked him what would be his ‘worst case scenario’ imagining it would be the same as mine.

Instead he replied: “What if so many kids come and I can’t control them all?” Wow. The exact opposite.

The thing is I KNOW I have to let go of the outcome, and be there to praise him if it goes splendidly and hug him if it doesn’t. I already told him that whatever happens what he’s done so far is amazing and something to be proud of. But seriously it’s hard.

I thought it would get easier, this being a Mom lark, but it really doesn’t.

15 Responses to Letting My Inner Control Freak Mom Side Show

  1. groupiemom says:

    if that is his worst case scenario, he’ll be just fine. and have some faith in yourself and your mom abilities, it all comes back to you, and what youve taught him. he’s an amazing boy. but nope, the rest doesnt get any easier, you can let go but you will still spend the rest your life trying to shelter him from disappointment, its our natural instinct. love the post, can totally relate

    • GreenHairMermaid says:

      Thanks GM. That saying about motherhood deciding to have your heart walk around outside your body for the rest of your life is so true… *googles it* ah yes: “When you become a mother you decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone.

  2. Axel Buhrmann says:

    “disappointment is part of life blah blah”

    Quite. Not much help, I know.

  3. cassey says:

    I love his worse case scenario. I’m sure it’ll be all good. Hugs

  4. tracy says:

    I know exactly how you feel, have been there. Just do what you’re doing. Clap if it works, hug if it doesn’t. Hug anyway. But you do that. So all good then 🙂

  5. abundanceflows says:

    I love his response… 🙂 And thats why you dont need to worry! He’s got you on his side, he’ll be just fine!! 🙂

  6. Ruth says:

    I wish someone would tell me that it gets easier! You’re not the first to say it doesn’t. Damn.

    • GreenHairMermaid says:

      from what i recall the ages 5 – 8 were pretty chilled – but this pre-teen thing is hardcore! let’s not even talk about the attude, the eye rolling and the mood swings! Good luck 🙂

      • Ruth says:

        I’ve already got the attitude, the eye rolling, and the sighing, let’s not forget that. I can’t wait for pre-teen.


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