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02 Mar 2016 / 0 Comments / in Art, Friends, Photography

Transitions: Hard but still beautiful

03 Jul 2015 / 2 Comments / in Happiness, loss, Silence

It takes an enormous amount of courage to change the status quo. To step out of one kind of life into another, leaving behind not just the hard and difficult, but the beautiful and fun and happy. It’s easy to run from a burning building; far harder to leave a garden than once was your […]

Transitions: Dad

28 Jun 2015 / 5 Comments / in Family, loss, love

My Dad recently moved into a local care home, after my Mom passed away earlier this year. It hasn’t been an easy year for any of us. Perhaps least of all for him. Oh it’s a good place and he is well looked after. I get to see him most days, it’s close to where […]

17 years old

24 Jun 2015 / 0 Comments / in Family, love, Motherhood

  My beautiful son Happy 17th Birthday I’ve been thinking a lot lately of little Raphael, specifically the 2 year old version with the fly-away fluffy hair and delightful laugh, so filled with joy and freedom and love and life. Too young yet to have any fears of anything – even dogs. Amazed by everything […]

Why I #LoveChange

30 Oct 2014 / 0 Comments / in love

I love change because I love that we as human beings have the ability to change – how does that saying go? If you don’t like where you are, move – you’re not a tree. That. That is what makes being human extra-ordinary. Because people can decide in a moment, in a heartbeat, to choose […]

WIN a night for 2 at Old Mac Daddy

02 Sep 2014 / 5 Comments / in Uncategorized

Last weekend, Graeme and I got to experience gorgeous Old Mac Daddy on a Sunday night as they launched their #secretsunday campaign! It’s such a beautiful setting, and the vintage Airstream trailers, each decorated in a quirky way and all with amazing views across the Elgin Valley, make it a unique place to stay. You […]

The digital family

17 Aug 2014 / 4 Comments / in Uncategorized

I read this from the very awesome Cath Jenkin with interest. I view Cath as one of the wisest, most honest bloggers in the local parenting space and often our ideas correlate or cross over. But this time, not completely – so I decided to explore the topic in writing myself, and post it in […]

16 years old

25 Jun 2014 / 4 Comments / in Children, Family, love, Motherhood

Dear Raph Sixteen! Seems just yesterday I was writing your 13th birthday letter, at the start of these teen years that were unknown and (from my view point anyways) not a little scary. Now you’re turning 16 and the thing I should have realized is that you weren’t going to become someone else, someone I didn’t […]

Re-visiting childhood

10 May 2014 / 1 Comment / in Children, Family, Motherhood

My 15 year old son at his old playground in Sun Valley this morning (we used to live over the road from this rather dilapted park – now my parents do)


Bo-Kaap birds
08 May 2014 / 0 Comments / in networking, South Africa, Travel

This morning I spent some time in the Bo-Kaap, starting at the Noon Gun and walking all the way down with a small group of bloggers and instagrammers. It ended with Cape Malay snacks at a little cafe, and we went via a mosque. I instagrammed the walk but also took my DSLR with. Here […]