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things are not always what they seem

05 Sep 2010 / 11 Comments / in Family, Friends, love, Me, myself & I

my weekend. it’s not all that happy.

Wherein I muse on conflict and my phobic reaction to it

24 Aug 2010 / 1 Comment / in anxiety, Family, Me, myself & I

I hate conflict. I really do.

On silence & solitude, and the avoidance of them

15 Aug 2010 / 7 Comments / in anxiety, Me, myself & I, Silence

This blog post is dedicated to my favourite radio station which refused to play this morning, and to my son who is not here today

Wherein I talk about feeling invisible. and ugly. both of those things

09 Aug 2010 / 7 Comments / in loss, myself & I, Socialising

I’ve recently realised something – I am not enjoying the process of growing older.

Wherein I talk about Jodi Picoult and Panic Attacks

01 Aug 2010 / 6 Comments / in anxiety, Socialising

I stand in the queue and the lights seem unrealistically bright. It kind of freaks me out. And when I get to the counter my voice sounds loud and awkward.

Wherein I go to church. Twice.

29 Jul 2010 / 8 Comments / in Family, God, Motherhood

On Sunday I went to church twice. Yes, 2 times, on the same day. This has not happened in so many years I can’t even remember when last…

Wherein I rant a bit about goodbyes

23 Jul 2010 / 4 Comments / in beer, Friends, loss, Work

A not so fond farewell…

Happiness is…

13 Jul 2010 / 6 Comments / in Happiness

Driving to work I see a small child’s hand out the back window of a car, fingers trailing in the airstream. It makes me happy.

The ‘Rents

26 Jun 2010 / 10 Comments / in Family, love

It’s hard living with old people – especially when they’re your parents.

the last year of childhood

16 Jun 2010 / 4 Comments / in love, Motherhood

So my son will be 12 next week.