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Was this inappropriate? Ill advised? Simply a cultural difference? Or am I over-reacting?

09 Jun 2010 / 18 Comments / in South Africa

Am I just naïve?

Sometimes you just have to be silly and act like a kid

05 Jun 2010 / 4 Comments / in Art, Friends, Socialising

It helps if you have good friends…

To Lisa on Her Birthday

03 Jun 2010 / 2 Comments / in Family, loss

Wish you were here.

Dear Tooth Fairy

02 Jun 2010 / 1 Comment / in Motherhood

A letter to the tooth fairy.

Wherein I muse on the attraction of opposites

01 Jun 2010 / 9 Comments / in love

He says, when I’m in the room, even if we’re reading different books, it just feels right, me being there with him.

girls’ night out

Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure this was a LOT more entertaining in the living than in the telling. But I’m going to tell it anyway.

With Love from Dad

27 May 2010 / 8 Comments / in Motherhood

“I love you very much my boy and a little thing like a bit of loskopness is lost in all the brilliant parts of who you are…”

Wherein I get a little freaked out in a Mom way, & am greatful to my dad

26 May 2010 / 7 Comments / in Motherhood

Doctors and doses…

Wherein I Reveal My Insecure Side

25 May 2010 / 13 Comments / in love

Insecurity is part of the baggage I bring into my relationships

wherein i be a bitch (on the inside)

24 May 2010 / 7 Comments / in Friends, networking, Socialising

Got invited to a braai at one of G’s friend’s houses this weekend. I’m usually kept away from such events but cracked a nod this time round, for some reason… Anyhow this is how it goes: So we get to the dude’s house. He’s a recently-single-again dad of a baby boy (he gets to see […]