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Fathers’ Day

15 Jun 2011 / 6 Comments / in Family, loss

This weekend is Fathers’ Day. My dad is currently in the UK but usually he lives right next door, with my mom. He won’t be here this Fathers’ Day and I don’t know if he’ll be around for next year’s either. But I do know he doesn’t remember last year’s Fathers’ Day and chances are […]

Dreams Can Come True

Greenhairmermaid Photography
13 Jan 2011 / 7 Comments / in Family, God, Motherhood, music

Sometimes I am amazed by God. My son has been saving up for an electric guitar for several months but he doesn’t get pocket money, he has to work to get money (washing the car, doing laundry etc). And it’s taking a long time. He now has around R800 but that’s a ways off what […]

Wherein Raph writes a Poem

07 Dec 2010 / 4 Comments / in anxiety, Family, Motherhood, writing

  This weekend past my sis, my mom and R went to Citrusdal hot springs. On the Saturday night we decided to do some writing exercises from a book my mom has – we all enjoy creative writing in my family so this is the kind of thing we do for fun 🙂 R hadn’t […]

I am a Nanowrimo 2010 Winner

30 Nov 2010 / 4 Comments / in Family, Happiness, writing

You may now all queue in an orderly fashion for autographs. 🙂 It was hard going, some days, easier other days, and only missed out on doing any writing at all on 3 of the 30 days. Very chuffed with myself for not slacking off half way through which is my usual MO. But I […]

Salsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (the Cuban dance not the Mexican sauce)

The Venue: Brass Bell Salsa Classes

  Last year when my sisters and a nieces were in Cape Town we went in various groupings to some Salsa lessons in Muizenberg. The teacher was great but once all the family members had hived off back to their respective corners of the globe and I decided to carry on, she hurt her leg […]

quick post (because i’m still nanowrimo-ing): On Peace and Powerlessness

09 Nov 2010 / 2 Comments / in anxiety, Family, love, Motherhood, Silence

I’m not feeling as peaceful as I’d like to. Things that help me feel peaceful include deep breathing, yoga, swimming, beach walks, gardening and getting enough sleep. Also, when I feel connected to people I love (my son, G, family, friends) then I feel a measure of peace. I’m not feeling too peaceful at the moment […]

things to which I am looking forward

stuff & stuff…

My little piece in Psychologies magazine

07 Oct 2010 / 3 Comments / in Family, loss, love, writing

I was published…

things are not always what they seem

05 Sep 2010 / 11 Comments / in Family, Friends, love, Me, myself & I

my weekend. it’s not all that happy.

Wherein I muse on conflict and my phobic reaction to it

24 Aug 2010 / 1 Comment / in anxiety, Family, Me, myself & I

I hate conflict. I really do.