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Dreams Can Come True

Greenhairmermaid Photography
13 Jan 2011 / 7 Comments / in Family, God, Motherhood, music

Sometimes I am amazed by God. My son has been saving up for an electric guitar for several months but he doesn’t get pocket money, he has to work to get money (washing the car, doing laundry etc). And it’s taking a long time. He now has around R800 but that’s a ways off what […]

a quote and some spiritual stuff.

15 Sep 2010 / 12 Comments / in Books, God, Me, myself & I, Silence

It seems to me more and more that to believe in any form of God is becoming passé – it’s like if you have a brain why would you even admit to wondering if perhaps there might be some higher power

Wherein I go to church. Twice.

29 Jul 2010 / 8 Comments / in Family, God, Motherhood

On Sunday I went to church twice. Yes, 2 times, on the same day. This has not happened in so many years I can’t even remember when last…