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Transitions: Hard but still beautiful

03 Jul 2015 / 2 Comments / in Happiness, loss, Silence

It takes an enormous amount of courage to change the status quo. To step out of one kind of life into another, leaving behind not just the hard and difficult, but the beautiful and fun and happy. It’s easy to run from a burning building; far harder to leave a garden than once was your […]

Going green

fringe vintage hair salon simons town
22 Aug 2013 / 2 Comments / in Fun, Happiness, Me

After my husband daring me for months to living up to my nom de plume I finally decided to take the plunge and embrace my inner mermaid even more – with a little help from Chantelle Thackwray and the team at Fringe Vintage Hair Salon in Simons Town. If you’re looking for an experience rather than […]

Spring swim

21 Sep 2012 / 0 Comments / in Happiness, sea

“Life is not measure by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Anon I was momentarily breathless this morning when I plunged into 11 degree C waves at the beach shortly after sunrise. It’s early spring in Cape Town and even though sunshine was sparkling out […]

The End of the Road – my final post for Getaway

I’m driving the 7 hours back to East London to fly home tonight. The road is long with many a winding turn, and quite a few cows. Two of them charge in front of me on the N2 when I’m travelling at around 120km / hour and that wakes me up more than the Steers […]

I am a Nanowrimo 2010 Winner

30 Nov 2010 / 4 Comments / in Family, Happiness, writing

You may now all queue in an orderly fashion for autographs. 🙂 It was hard going, some days, easier other days, and only missed out on doing any writing at all on 3 of the 30 days. Very chuffed with myself for not slacking off half way through which is my usual MO. But I […]

Salsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (the Cuban dance not the Mexican sauce)

The Venue: Brass Bell Salsa Classes

  Last year when my sisters and a nieces were in Cape Town we went in various groupings to some Salsa lessons in Muizenberg. The teacher was great but once all the family members had hived off back to their respective corners of the globe and I decided to carry on, she hurt her leg […]

My Desert Island Discs post for 6000, for today (tomorrow would be a whole nother list)

14 Oct 2010 / 5 Comments / in Happiness, music

Thanks to 6000 (if you don’t read his blog, do so) I wasted some time today in the most awesome way trying to decide on my top 8 songs to meet his Desert Island Disc challenge… It led to a very happy trip down Amnesia Lane via YouTube… so thanks! 6000 🙂 In no particular order… […]

In which I Write about Writing

11 Oct 2010 / 8 Comments / in Happiness, Me, writing

It is *always* a magical process for me, writing. When I look at what I have written I usually have no idea what happened between the first and last words. It’s as if I vanish and someone else takes over and writes the thing for me. It’s awesome!

things to which I am looking forward

stuff & stuff…

Happiness is…

13 Jul 2010 / 6 Comments / in Happiness

Driving to work I see a small child’s hand out the back window of a car, fingers trailing in the airstream. It makes me happy.