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The itch

04 May 2014 / 1 Comment / in Me, myself & I, writing

I itch. A scabbing over of my mind causing me to stretch against the tautness of boredom, of same-ness. I have the urge to do. But what?   To write? To travel? To breathe? To walk and walk and walk… I love spending time alone, it’s not that I want company 24/7. It’s that I feel […]

This weekend I’m going to…

21 Jun 2013 / 4 Comments / in Family, Me, myself & I, Photography, sea

I have 3 days weekends (yeah, you can hate me, I’m down with that) So when I say ‘This weekend I’m going to…’ I include Fridays… Swim on Winter Solstice Day at Fish Hoek (done- stayed in for 6 waves even! 11 degrees C but the sun came out long enough to warm me while […]

On anxiety and engagements – aka things are not always what they seem

24 Aug 2011 / 5 Comments / in anxiety, love, Me, myself & I

Those of you who know me a little bit (or a lot) know that I recently celebrated my 40th birthday and that my lovely man took me away to a very romantic place where he presented me with a gorgeous engagement ring that he designed and had made especially for me. You may also know […]

Yay me :-)

07 Jul 2011 / 7 Comments / in anxiety, Health, love, Me, myself & I

Today I am proud of myself for a number of reasons: 1. I have started yoga again (with G this time) and even though the classes are beginners’ classes, they are pretty hard core and I am pretty VERY unfit! So having managed to keep up with an almost 2 hour class is quite an […]

The End of the Road – my final post for Getaway

I’m driving the 7 hours back to East London to fly home tonight. The road is long with many a winding turn, and quite a few cows. Two of them charge in front of me on the N2 when I’m travelling at around 120km / hour and that wakes me up more than the Steers […]

Something Important I Need to Keep Reminding Myself

13 Nov 2010 / 2 Comments / in Me, myself & I, Silence

  “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.” – Viktor Frankl

I love Matt Costa & early mornings on the beach in spring

05 Oct 2010 / 2 Comments / in anxiety, Me, Motherhood, myself & I

What keeps YOU sane in bad times ?

a quote and some spiritual stuff.

15 Sep 2010 / 12 Comments / in Books, God, Me, myself & I, Silence

It seems to me more and more that to believe in any form of God is becoming passé – it’s like if you have a brain why would you even admit to wondering if perhaps there might be some higher power

things are not always what they seem

05 Sep 2010 / 11 Comments / in Family, Friends, love, Me, myself & I

my weekend. it’s not all that happy.

Wherein I muse on conflict and my phobic reaction to it

24 Aug 2010 / 1 Comment / in anxiety, Family, Me, myself & I

I hate conflict. I really do.