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WIN a night for 2 at Old Mac Daddy

02 Sep 2014 / 5 Comments / in Uncategorized

Last weekend, Graeme and I got to experience gorgeous Old Mac Daddy on a Sunday night as they launched their #secretsunday campaign! It’s such a beautiful setting, and the vintage Airstream trailers, each decorated in a quirky way and all with amazing views across the Elgin Valley, make it a unique place to stay. You […]

The digital family

17 Aug 2014 / 4 Comments / in Uncategorized

I read this from the very awesome Cath Jenkin with interest. I view Cath as one of the wisest, most honest bloggers in the local parenting space and often our ideas correlate or cross over. But this time, not completely – so I decided to explore the topic in writing myself, and post it in […]

Ozone and oxygen

ozone & oxygen
08 Jul 2013 / 3 Comments / in Uncategorized

The ocean breathes in waves. Expanding swells, like lungs, That fill and heave and rise Until they break and burst and blow in spray, in spume, in suds… Subsiding… Sucking at the sand. Inhaling grit and shore and shell With a hungry hiss. From a wind blown dune top I watch And learn to breathe […]

Letting My Inner Control Freak Mom Side Show

19 Apr 2011 / 15 Comments / in Uncategorized

So who would have guessed I had such control issues? Ok apart from you. Oh, and you… Oh ok whatever. Tomorrow is the first meeting of R’s new group that he’s starting at school (blogged about here) and he is understandably nervous. But probably not as nervous as I am. Since he was told he […]

In which I amazed myself

16 Mar 2011 / 5 Comments / in Uncategorized

Most of you know I was the very lucky winner of the Getaway / FTTSA ‘Dream Job’ competition which in essence meant I’ve just returned from travelling parts of SA alone in a 4×4 for just under a month. I wrote about my itinerary here, for those who haven’t seen that. Before I left, I was all […]